New visa norms for tourists to Oman

Oman Is Implementing New Visa Rules, No Longer Allowing Visa On Arrival

Oman, which is one of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East, has everything from sand dunes to mountains to waterfalls to beautiful waterfront property. It is a great destination for traveling.

According to authorities, the e-visa will regularise the process and reduce the queues.

That means the only way to get a tourist visa to Oman will be online, and not at a consulate or on arrival in Oman.

The UAE residents heading to Oman for weekend getaways will have to plan their trip in advance as visitors will need an e-visa to enter the country. The e-visas can be applied online and it could take up to four days to process it.

Oman is a favourite holiday spot for many UAE residents, and it is common to see long queues of vehicles at the UAE-Oman borders, especially during long weekends.

Previously, visitors could fill in the visa form at the immigration counters at the border and obtain visas on arrival. Now, “applicants must apply for a tourist visa via the visa website then enter Oman by any legal borders”, according to the frequently asked questions section on the Oman Police’s website.

Residents on previous occasions had complained about long delays at the Oman border, particularly during long holidays like the upcoming UAE National Day break.

The e-visa system offers unsponsored and sponsored tourist visas; tourist visas for GCC residents; and express ones. “Once the application is submitted with the complete information, it will be processed within the shortest possible time. However, it is recommended to lodge your visa application at least four days in advance as processing times might vary based on each visa application,” the police website said.

The visa is issued by all passageways and Oman’s embassies in the GCC. The fees is OMR5 (Dh50) and valid for use for a period of four weeks extendable by one week. Families of the residents, their drivers, housemaids and companions can benefit from the system, provided they present their labour cards. Their passports must be valid for at least three months.

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