Armenia to open Embassy in Israel

Armenia will open an embassy in Israel, Anna Naghdalyan, press secretary for the Armenian Foreign Ministry, told reporters on Friday.

She said over the past year there has been a fairly active dialogue between Armenian and Israeli foreign ministries.

“By opening a diplomatic mission in Israel, we are once again affirming ourselves in the region where we have our priorities. Steps are being taken and there are dialogue and bilateral obligations,” Naghdalyan said.

The substantiation is that it is important to establish the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Tel Aviv as soon as possible (end of 2019, beginning of 2020) in order to ensure sustainable development of Armenian-Israeli bilateral relations.

”The establishment of the Armenian Embassy in Israel, by which bilateral relations will be fostered, is aimed at the better protection of Armenia’s interests in the region’’, the substantiation of the draft reads, adding that it is also aimed at retaining the rights of Armenia over Armenian historical-cultural heritage.

Diplomatic relations between Armenia and Israel were established in 1992. During the recent years the cooperation dynamics between Armenia and Israel significantly rose.

Ambassador of Armenia to Israel during the period of 2000-2008 was former foreign minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian (residency in Paris), Armenian Ambassador to Egypt from 2012-2018 Armen Melkonyan was appointed also Ambassador to Israel (dual accreditation), while from 2018 until now Armen Smbatyan is the Ambassador of Armenia to Israel (residence in Yerevan).



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