Indian Embassy in Qatar starts collecting data of those requiring repatriation

Indian Embassy in Qatar has started gathering data about Indian expatriates in Qatar, who will require repatriation due to various reasons.

The embassy has confirmed clearly that it is only collecting data for information purpose and no decision has been taken regarding the resumption of flights to India.

“We are collecting data about people requesting repatriation to India. Please follow this link and answer the questions.  At this stage, the purpose  is only to compile information. No decision or details yet on resumption of flights to India,” the embassy said on Twitter.

The form will required you to provide your basic details like name, passport number, age and also what kind of visa you hold – Residence Permit, Visa On Arrival / Tourist Visa, Business Visa or Family / Visit Visa.

You need to also provide the reason for travelling back to India: Be it Medical Emergency (Self), Medical Emergency (Family Member), Death of Family Member, Stranded Tourist/ Visitor, Amnesty/ Deportation, Loss of Employment, Expiry of Visa or Stranded Student.

“As and when a decision is taken (regarding flights to India), Embassy of India will make an announcement. This form is to be filled for a single individual at a time. For addition of details of family members, you are requested to fill the form again for each member.” Indian Embassy added.

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