Costa Rica Again Extends Tourist Visas For Foreigners In Country

According to Costa Rica’s Immigration Administration, they will provide foreigners with extra flexibility as countries restrict travel because of the coronavirus pandemic.

As follow, foreigners who entered Costa Rica on a tourist visa after December 17, 2019, can legally remain in Costa Rica until July 17, 2020.

This extension is applied automatically; tourists do not have to contact the Immigration Administration to request it. This policy is very convenient for foreigners. Previously, the automatic extension for tourists was only valid through May 17.

As this new policy, documents which will expire within this period will also be deemed valid until July 17, 2020, according to Outlier Legal.

In addition, the Immigration Administration will not enforce penalties for people who have an irregular immigration status. That means tourists and others who overstay their visas will not be fined when they next try to exit Costa Rica.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Costa Rica has stop allowing non-citizens and non-residents to enter this country since March 19. That ban will come to effect until at least May 15.

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