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  1. Trump Administration Wants Immigrant Sponsors To Provide Bank Information
  2. Costa Rica Again Extends Tourist Visas For Foreigners In Country
  3. Indian Embassy in Qatar starts collecting data of those requiring repatriation
  4. US Embassy in Manila: All US visa interviews suspended
  5. Chinese Embassy rejects call for China to pay for PH’s COVID-19 response
  6. Schengen Area Borders Might Remain Closed Until Summer
  7. South Korea cancels visa-free travel for Thais from April 13
  8. U.S. Embassy offering second repatriation flight from Costa Rica
  9. Swedish Embassy in Zambia No Longer Grants Schengen Visas to 11 Countries It Represents
  10. France Was About to Close Border Had UK Not Toughened Coronavirus Measures
  11. Today Might Be the Last Flight Out of Albania for U.S. Citizens
  12. US Embassy in Bahrain suspends visa services
  13. Ghana’s Embassy in USA suspends consular services
  14. Coronavirus: US suspend visa services in many countries
  15. Libyan embassy in Syria to re-open March 3 after 8-year shutdown
  16. U.S. Embassy and Consulates General in China Suspended Regular Visa Services
  17. New visa norms for tourists to Oman
  18. First Japanese Embassy in Seychelles officially opened
  19. Luxembourg to open new embassy in Niger
  20. Us Reopen Embassy In Somalia After Three Decades
  21. Armenia to open Embassy in Israel
  22. Nepal Government Announces Hike in Tourist Visa Fee
  23. Chinese Embassy rebuts report on influence operations in Singapore
  24. France to Issue Schengen Visas in Liberia by the End of September
  25. China’s embassy in Egypt opens visa issuing center in Alexandria
  26. Canada suspends operations at its Venezuela embassy
  27. Venezuela’s Maduro says he will withdraw embassy, consulate staff from Washington and other US cities
  28. Greek Visa Application Center opens in Qatar
  29. Turkey’s visa process is changing and it affects ALL Brits flying there
  30. British Embassy Bangkok to stop Certification of Income Letters
  31. Russian Embassy in US Workload Increased 1.5 Times After Consulate Closures
  32. India adds Qatar to list of countries eligible for e-visa
  33. U.S. Embassy to resume suspended consular services in Abuja August 24
  34. US Embassy in Abuja shuts down visa services
  35. Russian visa center opens in Georgia’s capital
  36. North Korea freezes tourist visa applications until September
  37. Embassy warns tourists to be on guard against hippos in Kenya
  38. UAE to establish Côte d’Ivoire embassy, Tanzania consulate
  39. Kenya to open 16 missions in Africa, Asia
  40. Laos to give visa-on-arrival for travelers from Sri Lanka
  41. Belarus-China Visa-Free Agreement Comes Into Force
  42. Tanzania, Uganda leaders agree to boost trade
  43. UN urges Myanmar to act more for Rohingya refugee returns
  44. China Embassy in Mongolia celebrates 91st anniversary of People’s Liberation Army
  45. Malaysian Embassy opens operations room after second Lombok quake
  46. Syrian ambassador to Lebanon calls for refugees to return
  47. UAE offers ‘visa amnesty’ for migrant workers
  48. Henry Cuellar announces bill for more immigration judges
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  50. U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem: The end of America’s dominance in the Mideast