Tanzania, Uganda leaders agree to boost trade

Tanzanian President John Magufuli and his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni on Thursday agreed to work together in strengthening trade and protecting local industries in the two neighboring countries.

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Magufuli on Thursday morning welcomed Museveni at Julius Nyerere International Airport and headed to State House Dar es Salaam for talks.

The two leaders are expected to discuss various issues affecting trade relations between the countries and the region. They are also expected to discuss the second Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) that will be held in Kampala.

The JPC is expected to review the implementation of decisions agreed upon in various sectors including the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and proposed gas pipeline from Tanzania to Uganda.

The meeting comes amid a row over tariffs imposed by Tanzania on sugar imports from Uganda.

Last week, Tanzania announced it would impose a 25% import duty on Ugandan sugar exports, in spite of recent efforts to improve bilateral and trade ties.

Uganda maintains sound diplomatic and trade ties with Tanzania and the two countries have recently signed agreements to boost trade and investment in energy, infrastructure and oil and gas.

Tanzania’s new tariffs target imports of processed goods (25%) and intermediate goods (10%) and but raw materials and capital goods attract zero tariffs.

Producers of processed goods such as sugar, edible oil, steel and iron products and mineral will have to between 10 and 35% access the Tanzania market.

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