Norway Visa Fees (Price)

What is the cost of a Norway Visa?

  • Petition Based Visas (H, L, O, P, Q, R) – $150 or NOK 860;
  • E-1, E-2 & E-3 Visa Applicants – $390 or NOK 2220.
  • All other non-immgrant visas – $140 or NOK 800;
    (including student and tourist visas)

The fees in Norwegian kroner are subject to frequent change due to changing exchange rates. We advise applicants to check our website for updates before their interviews.

The visa fee needs to be paid in cash when the applicant comes to the embassy for their interview, and we recommend that applicants bring in exact change. The Visa Section accepts US dollars and Norwegian kroner. The fee cannot be paid by credit card, bank card or by personal check.

Applicants who are allowed to submit their visa applications by mail (Children under the age of 14, applicants over the age of 79 and E-visa applicants) must pay the application fee by a bank remisse issued in Norwegian kroner or by a check in US dollars issued by a US bank.

The visa application fee is non-refundable.

Find more information directly at:

Norway Embassy

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