Indonesia Visa Exemption

 The Indonesian government are able to facilitate visa exemptions for travel to Indonesia for diplomatic, special, and service/official passport holders. According to the regulation, the Indonesian Government have made an agreement with 22 countries in order for their Government Officials to enjoy the facility of visa exemption for official visits to Indonesia for a period of 14 days – 30 days. However, different countries may share different requirements in accordance with each agreement.

       The list of the 22 countries are as follows :

1. Austria (30 days) 7. Cuba (14 days) 13. Myanmar (14 days) 19. South Korea (14 days)
2. Azerbaijan (30 days) 8. Ecuador (14 – 30 days) 14. North Korea (14 days) 20. Turkey (30 days)
3. Brazil (14 – 30 days) 9. India (14 days)* 15. Paraguay (30 days) 21. Tunisia (30 – 60 days)*
4. Cambodia (14 days) 10. Iran (14 – 30 days) 16. Peru (14 days) 22. Viet Nam (14 days)
5. China (14 days)* 11. Lao PDR (14 days) 17. Russia (14 – 90 days)*
6. Croatia (14 days) 12. Mongolia (14 days) 18. Serbia (14 days)


       For countries marked with asterisks (*), please kindly be advised to consult with the Consular Affairs of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to obtain appropriate requirements for the visa exemption facility.

       Please also note that it is necessary for all diplomatic and service/official passport holders to have their passports valid for at least 6 (six) months prior to the date of expected entry to Indonesia. We kindly advise the passport holders to renew their passports prior to departure at their respective Embassies/High Commissions in Australia.

       For cross-posting purposes from the above mentioned countries, please consult with the Consular Affairs for proper requirements.

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