How to Apply for Belize Visa?

Most visas are issued for the next working day. However, some visa applications require authorisation from the Director of Immigration and Nationality Services in Belize. In such cases, please allow 2 – 4 weeks for processing. Each individual, regardless of age, must make a separate application.


The application form MUST be FULLY completed, signed and dated, then submitted with the following:

Your Passport

One recent passport-sized photograph.

Proof of Travel Arrangements:
Copies of Tickets or confirmed Travel Itinerary.

Proof of Accommodation:
Copies of Confirmed Hotel Reservations or Full contact details of family/friends in Belize.

Proof of Financial Means:
Copies of most recent bank statements or letter from Financial Officer (for business travel only).

Purpose for Trip:
Educational – Letter of Introduction from the University or Educational Institution.
Business – Letter of Introduction from company or Organization and supporting documents
Tourism – see number 3 above.

Payment of Fees

Find more information directly at:

Belize Embassy

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– Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belize – URL:
– The Government of Belize – URL:

Country : Belize
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