How to apply for a Philippines Visa?

How do I apply?
Application to: Consulate (or Consular section at Embassy); see Contact Addressessection.

Application requirements: (a) One application form. (b) One passport-size photo signed on the back. (c) Passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended period of stay. (d) Proof of means of support during stay, either by bank statement or letter of employment. (e) Fee in cash or postal order only. (f) If applying by post a registered, stamped, self-addressed envelope is required and the application should be signed by a notary or commissioner of oaths. (g) Onward or return tickets. (h) Business travellers also require a letter from the sponsoring Filipino company or from their employer, stating the purpose of the visit.
Application for a non-immigrant visa should be made in person.

Application for a temporary visitor’s visa must be made in person. In the case of a minor under eighteen (18) years of age, the application may be made for him by a person who, in the opinion of the consular officer, is responsible for his/her welfare. The minor, not an infant in arms, shall be required to appear at the Consulate for interview, together with the person making the application for him/her.

Applicants for temporary visitor’s visa should normally apply at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate that has jurisdiction over their place of residence. While some visa applicants may apply at any Philippine Embassy or Consulate abroad, others are only allowed to apply his/her visa at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in his country of origin or legal residence.

The following are the minimum requirements for applying a temporary visitor’s visa:

Passport/Travel Document Valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines;
Duly Accomplished Visa application forms;
Passport Photos (2 pieces);
Proof of bona fide status as tourist or businessman;
Confirmed tickets for return or onward journey to the next port of destination; and
Payment of Visa Fees.

Foreign Nationals who wish to take up a short-term non-degree course
Foreign students who wish to take up a short-term non-degree course like language and computer courses must apply for a temporary visitor’s visa. Upon arrival in the Philippines and acceptance by the school/institution authorized by the Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign students, he/she should apply for a Special Study Permit at the Bureau’s Student Desk, together with the following documents:

Letter request;
Certificate of Acceptance from the school accredited by the Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign students;
Photocopy of passport reflecting the applicant’s authorized period of stay;
Affidavit of Support and Proof of Financial Capacity; and
Birth Certificate.

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