Germany Visa Fees (Price)

What is the cost of a Germany Visa?

The fee for a so-called national visa (person plans to stay within Germany for more than three months, e.g. for a course of study) is 60 euro.

Applicants wishing to stay in Germany for a period of more than 90 days but needing to travel to another Schengen country within the first three months of their stay (e.g. scientists) may obtain a so-called national “hybrid visa”. The fee for a hybrid visa is 60 euro.

The fee for a Schengen visa (valid for travel to 24 Schengen countries, stay of up to 90 days) is 60 euro.

Exemptions may be possible.

How long is the visa valid for?
Study visas are valid for the length of the study period
Short stay (Schengen) visas are valid for 90 days
Hybrid, Long-stay visit/Permanent stay (residence permit) visas are valid for periods of over 90 days.

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