Egypt Visa Fees (Price)

What is the cost of an Egypt Visa?

aprox. US$15-$91, depending on nationality.

Business visas are cheaper for Canadian nationals. Nationals of the USA pay a standard rate of £12 for visas of any type. South African nationals obtain visas free of charge.
Payment of fees is in cash or by postal order only; cheques will not be accepted. Processing fees for other nationals vary considerably; check with the appropriate Consulate (or Consular section of Embassy) for costs of visas. Visa fees are per passport, not per person.

How long is the visa valid for?
Tourist visas: 30-180 days
Student visas: Varies

Visa Fees in details:

Some examples of Egyptian tourist visa fees at a variety of consular missions:

  Tourist Visa Fees
Country Single Entry Multiple Entry
Argentina 18 US$ 23 US$
Australia 35 $A 42 $A
Austria 300 AS 380 AS
Belgium 1100 BF 1300 BF
Brazil 25 Cr$ 30 Cr$
Canada 25 $c 31 $c
Cyprus (Cypriot nationals) 8 Pound;  
Cyprus (other nationals) 12 Pound; 14 Pound;
Denmark (Danish nationals) 132 Kr  
Denmark (other nationals) 188 Kr 240 Kr
Finland (Finnish nationals) 100 Mk Mk
Finland (other nationals) 140 Mk 175 Mk
France 25 € 30 €
Germany (German nationals) 25 €  
Germany (other nationals) 30 € 35 €
Greece 25 € 30 €
Holland 25 € 30 €
Indonesia 45,000 Rp 60,000 Rp
Ireland 16,5 £ 20,5 £
Italy 25 € 30 €
Japan 5,500 Yen; 7,000 Yen;
Malaysia 46 M$ 57 M$
Norway (Norwegian nationals) 130 Kr  
Norway (other nationals) 180 Kr 215 Kr
Portugal 25 €  
Russia (Russian nationals) 53,000 Rub  
Russia (other nationals) 85,000 Rub  
Singapore 46 S$ 58 S$
South Korea 15,000 W 20,000 W
Spain 25 € 30 €
Sweden 170 Kr 220 Kr
Switzerland 50 SF 60 SF
United Kingdom 15 Pound; 18 Pound;
United States (US nationals) 15 $  
United States (other nationals) 20 $ 23 $

(All above figures are correct at the time of posting but may be subject to change without prior notice)

Exemptions from Visa Fees

Egyptian visa fees do not apply to the following:

    • Holders of diplomatic passports.
    • Officials of international organizations and specialized agencies and state delegates to conferences.
    • Arab League officials.
    • Non-national spouses of Egyptian nationals.
    • Non-national members of the clergy, prominent scientists, journalists and members of official cultural, educational and sports delegations.
    • Non-national students studying in Egyptian institutions.
    • Non-diplomatic personnel of diplomatic and consular missions affected in Egypt.
    • Parents, siblings and adult children of members of the diplomatic and consular corps affected in Egypt.
    • Nationals of Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia and the United States are partially exempt from Egyptian visa fees and will, therefore, pay a reduced fee.

Visa Exemptions

The following are exempt from visa requirement when visiting Egypt:

    • Nationals of Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the United Arab Emirates.
    • Holders of diplomatic passports of Argentina, Bosnia Herzegovina, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Singapore, the Slovak Republic and Turkey.

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