Belize Visa Fees (Price)

What is the cost of a Belize Visa?

  • TDS Service Fee:
    $60.00 Per visa issued in 3 – 10 business days
  • Consular Fee:
    $50.00 per visa – Most nationalities
    $250.00 per visa – Citizens of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand – Citizens of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) should contact the Embassy of Belize directly.
  • Include credit card authorization, a check or money order payable to to “Travel Document Systems, Inc.” for TDS handling fee per visa, plus Embassy Consular Fee per visa, and return Shipping Fee.

Find more information directly at:

Belize Embassy

Source & Copyright: The source of the above visa and immigration information and copyright owner/s is the:
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belize – URL:
– The Government of Belize – URL:

Country : Belize
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