Italian Embassy in Damascus, Syria

Embassy of Italy in Damascus, Syria

Al Ayubi Street – B.P. 2216

Damascus, Syria

City: Damascus

Phone: 00963113332621, 00963113332621

Fax: 00963113352204



Office Hours:


Since October 25th, 1997, Italy has entered the Schengen system.
This implies that the Consulate Office of the Embassy will release visas valid for Schengen countries after due consultation of the Schengen system authorities.
To avoid the insurgence of problems, applicants are kindly asked to apply for a visa at least 20 days before planned departure date.
Visa must be requested in person and emergency fees for visas do not exist; no other fees or charges other than the regular one are due.


Visa applicants are requested to bring the following documents:

The passport in original;
one photo of the applicant and the application form filled;
bank statement specifying the balance of applicant’s account (in original to be kept by the office, max 1 week old, and with applicant’s name on it). It is used to ascertain that the applicant has sufficient funds for his stay in Italy;
letter from the employer, max 1 week old, stating applicant’s full name, date of birth, address, position with the company and salary. If the person is self employed he/she must provide proper certification from the local Chamber of Commerce ;
detailed flight schedule, in original and with proper letterhead of the travel agency. No anonymous printouts from computers will be accepted. The flight schedule must be brought even if the applicant has already purchased plane tickets;
originals and a photocopy of plane tickets (if applicable).

Italy Visa Information

Country : Italy
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