Indonesian Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia

Embassy of Indonesia in Bratislava, Slovakia

Mudroòova 51

81103 Bratislava

Slovak Republic

City: Bratislava

Phone: 421-2-54419886

Fax: 421-2-54419890



Office Hours: Monday-Friday
8.30 – 12.00
13.00 – 17.00

Details: Regardless of the length of stay, Slovak citizen is required to obtain a visa prior to one’s entry into Indonesia.

Validity of passport at least six months at the date of entrance.
Two pictures (passport size photos) are required.
Two copies of application forms.
Visa fees:
a. Tourist visit visa : 1500 Sk
b. Social/culture visit visa: 1500 Sk
c. Business visit visa: 1500 Sk
d. Double/multiple business visa : 3200 Sk
e. Temporary stay visa : 2600 Sk

A sponsor letter from a family/relative/friend/school/foundation/government in Indonesia is required to obtain a social/culture visit visa.

A sponsor letter from a company in Indonesia is required to obtain a business and multiple business visit visa.

An original authorization letter from the Indonesian Immigration is required to obtain a temporary stay visa.

Indonesia Visa Information

Country : Indonesia
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