American Embassy in Chisinau, Moldova

U.S. Embassy in Chisinau, Moldova

103 Mateevici street

Chisinau MD-2009

Republic of Moldova

City: Chisinau

Phone: (+373 22) 408 300 (Reception)

Fax: +373 22) 233 044


Office Hours: Tuesday; Thursday
Time: 8.30 – 10.30AM.

Details: Please come to the Embassy and fill out an American Citizen Registration Form. This allows us to contact you, should the need arise. Please callthe Consular Section if your travel plans change, you move, or you depart Moldova earlier than expected. We have developed a Warden System for American Citizens in Moldova so that we will be prepared in the event of an emergency. When you register with us, we will assign you to a warden who is an American Citizen living or working in your area. Should we need to disseminate urgent information to our citizens in Moldova, it will be done through this system.

If someone in the United States contacts the Embassy and inquires about your welfare and/or whereabouts, we will take a detailed message and contact you ourselves, either in writing or by telephone. We will not give out information about you until we have contacted you and received your consent to do so.

Should you be arrested or detained by the local authorities, you have the right to contact the Embassy and speak with the Consular Officer, who will help you to the extent permitted by law and international agreements. As a visitor to Moldova, you are subject to the laws of Moldova. Click here for a list of local lawyers who have agreed to handle American clients.

If your passport is lost or stolen, please report it to the police, and then bring the police report to the Embassy. We will issue you a replacement passport. If your passport will expire while you are in Moldova, please contact the Embassy and we can issue you a new passport. If your passport is still valid but contains no blank pages because it is full of visas and other immigration stamps, we can affix additional visa pages in your passport.

The Embassy performs notarial services for American citizens on certain types of documents. We also provide certain types of notarial services for citizens of other countries who need to use the document in the United States. Please specify the exact document you need notarized when making an appointment for notarial services.


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